Thyroid nodules


the surgery-free treatment with ECHOPULSE® using therapeutic ultrasound

Thyroid nodules

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland located below the Adam’s apple. It produces hormones which regulate our body’s metabolism and our energy. The thyroid gland can produce abnormal tissue that forms thyroid nodules. These nodules are mostly benign. However even benign nodules can be problematic: If they are so-called hot nodules, they tend to produce too much hormones and can deregulate the thyroid function (hyperthyroidism). Controversially, cold nodules can also impact the thyroid function, especially if they continue to grow. Consequences may be compressive symptoms which can lead to difficulties in breathing or swallowing. Echopulse® echotherapy is the first technique allowing treatment of thyroid nodules from outside the body.

Lang al.; two-year efficacy of single-session HIFU ablation of benign thyroid nodules; European Society of Radiology, 2018

How echotherapy works

Ultrasound waves are focused to generate thermal energy on a single point – called the focal point. As opposed to cutting and taking abnormal tissue out, the targeted body part is treated by this thermal energy “inside” the patient. The thyroid itself is spared and maintains its function.

How echotherapy works
Benefits of echotherapy

no incisions

maintain the thyroid function

no scars

Experiences with echotherapy

Now I don’t have anymore symptoms and the nodules are invisible.

Andrea L, Echotherapy patient

Today I feel free and no longer experience the feeling of having a lump in my throat. I would do this again at any time to avoid surgery.

Ina, Echotherapy patient

I was reassured that echotherapy involved minimal risk and was scar-free. That was very important to me. There was no general anesthesia and no post-treatment required. The short treatment time and the fact that you could return to your everyday life again immediately after the procedure, convinced me.

Melanie, Echotherapy patient
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