We change paradigms.


Surgery as we know it carries significant burden for patients as it involves cutting, anesthesia, and long recovery and healing processes converting optimistic patients into anxious individuals. It stretches healthcare systems to the limits of financial and human costs. It can turn brilliant doctors into exhausted system executors, operating under constant extrinsic pressures, from delivering return of investment for expensive infrastructures to managing litigation.



We reduce peri-operative complications and improve healtheconomics. At the core of this mission is echotherapy, coupling high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), detailed ultrasound medical imaging, and advanced data learning. For practitioners, this provides high-level handling precision, and unsurpassed ease of use. For patients, it provides a treatment from outside the body, leaves no scars and allows them to resume their daily activities right after the treatment.


We lead innovation by extensive clinical research and harnessing artificial intelligence. Currently, phase 2 investigations are underway in the United States for patients with breast cancer by combining Theraclion’s platform with immunotherapy. More importantly, we built a platform which allows our technology to be self-learning. AI is already omnipresent in diagnostics. We lead by bringing it into the treatment arena. No physician can know the best practice cases of all treatments ever performed. Technology can.


Theraclion is changing the paradigm.
Theraclion has made extracorporeal surgery a reality and we live
and breath to make it accessible to all patients.

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Our team
Our passionate and committed team of researchers, engineers, and physicians is united by one common goal: leading innovation to change the paradigm by evolving surgery day by day.
Christopher Boettker Christopher Bödtker Chairman of the Board
samuel levy Samuel Levy Member of the Board
ari-s-kellen Ari S. Kellen Member of the Board
shawn-langer Shawn Langer Member of the Board
Renaud Saleur Member of the Board
Mehdi El Glaoui Member of the Board
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