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Echopulse SONOVEIN treatment head for HIFU echotherapy

Our vision is to make unnecessary surgery a thing of the past and non-invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) a standard of care.  Theraclion has revolutionized  HIFU – until then only applied to deep-seated targets such as for example prostate cancer and myoma – by developing a solution for non-deep targets. This is technically extremely difficult and this is where we excel.



We started by commercializing echotherapy products in 2013/14 in the field of breast fibroadenoma – a benign disease which allowed us to safely and thoroughly apply the technology in a non-complex pathology. In 2015 we refocused our efforts on the market of thyroid tumors, which made us the only expert in treating superficial lesions in a complex anatomical environment.


After a first-in-human case in 2017, Theraclion received the CE Mark for the world’s first non-invasive solution for the treatment of varicose veins in 2019 – a disease which accounts for 5 Million surgeries annually performed – up-to now – in an operation room.


But our story doesn’t end here. Theraclion has created a HIFU platform which could enable physicians to treat any superficial target they want. For example in oncology, first women with advanced cases of breast cancer have been treated with a combination of echotherapy and immunotherapy.

Theraclion management
david caumartin CEO theraclion David Caumartin Chief Executive Officer
david auregan theraclion CFO David Auregan Chief Financial Officer
Anja Kleber VP Marketing & Sales & Market Access Anja Kleber VP Marketing & Market Access
Michel Nuta Michel Nuta VP Veins & Chief Medical Officer
Jose Abellan-Martinez Jose Abellan Martinez VP Sales & Business Development
Christopher Boettker Christopher Bödtker Chairman of the Board
samuel levy Samuel Levy Member of the Board
ari-s-kellen Ari S. Kellen Member of the Board
shawn-langer Shawn Langer Member of the Board
Renaud Saleur Member of the Board
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