Breast fibroadenoma


the surgery-free treatment with ECHOPULSE® using therapeutic ultrasound

Breast fibroadenoma

Breast fibroadenoma are one of the most common benign tumors of the breast, and account for approx. 70% of all breast masses. Although fibroadenoma can develop at any age, they mainly develop in adolescents or women under the age of 30*. They may feel like a small firm or rubber-like nodule in the breast, moving easily under the skin when examined. Although generally painless in many patients they can cause pain and discomfort. For others they are a psychological burden. Either can lead to a decision to treat. Echopulse® echotherapy is the first technique allowing treatment of breast fibroadenoma from outside the body.


How echotherapy works

Ultrasound waves are focused to generate thermal energy on a single point – called the focal point. As opposed to cutting and taking abnormal tissue out, the targeted body part is treated by this thermal energy “inside” the patient. There will be no scars on the breast tissue and the milk ducts can be preserved.

Kovatcheva, R. et al.; Long-term efficacy of ultrasound-guided HIFU treatment of breast fibroadenoma. J Ther Ultrasound 5,1(2017)

How echotherapy works
Benefits of echotherapy

no incisions

no scars

immediate return to daily activities

Experiences with echotherapy

The tension is completely gone. I would definitely do it again; when it gets to a certain size it makes a lot of sense.

Janine, Echotherapy patient

I was able to play with my son again as usual straight after the treatment and take him in my arms. That was very important for me.

Monika, Echotherapy patient

(after the treatment) I did all the things I normally do every day.

I then noticed for the first time that the lump had shrunk and at the follow-up examination after six months it was visible that it had already halved in size. And now it also looks better. I thought it was good that there were no scars and no wound which could have become infected.

On the other side I have another fibroadenoma and would also like to have this treated using echotherapy.

Saskia, Echotherapy patient
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