Welcome message from the CEO

Ladies, Gentlemen,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and specifically to the section dedicated to the financial community.
At Theraclion we believe that “therapeutic Ultrasound” is a major technology for none invasive treatment. Our medical robot is a disruptive innovation which avoids scarring, allows patients to recover immediately, and lowers treatment cost to healthcare systems significantly. Our robotic image guided device enable access to repeatable safe and effective treatment.

We started by addressing breast fibroadenoma, a pathology forcing close to 2 million women globally to go through surgery each year and representing 2 billion USD healthcare costs – a benign disease which allowed us to safely and thoroughly test our technology in a non-complex pathology. In a second step we entered the market of benign thyroid disease. A 100 million USD Device/4 billion USD healthcare cost market, which made us experts in treating superficial lesions in a complex anatomical environment.

Today we enter a new era for Theraclion: The first non-invasive solution for the treatment of varicose veins. We believe we will be able to heal ulcers and re-vascularized stumps which cannot be healed optimally with any other treatment and that we will be the first choice for patients, as they will chose non-invasive over invasive. Today patients decide.
Varicose veins is a 500 million USD Device / 9 billion healthcare costs market annually today. In 10 years we believe the varicose vein device market will grow to 2 billion USD per year. But the main difference with the 2 previous indications is that this device market is already well developed and patients suffering from vein insufficiencies are used to make an active treatment decision.

Solid IP, years of experience with benign disease and a management team with a solid track record in medical technology innovation creation and sales combined with a strong direct sales team and an established distribution network is our basis for a rapid expansion of our technology in a new exciting market which will allow patients to choose what they want: no intrusion in their bodies and get back to normal activities asap.


David Caumartin