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Our product: ECHOPULSE

Thanks to breakthrough engineering technologies and processes, Theraclion has developed the Echopulse built from a unique technology combining HIFU guided by real-time ultrasound imaging.


Both specificities ensure precise and safe quality treatment.


Designed to meet space requirements, Echopulse is easy to use and maneuver thanks to its mobility and build-in functions.


In addition to its ergonomic design, Echopulse includes an all-in-one system providing:


• millimetric accuracy during treatment

• a high-quality image

• performance of a step-by-step procedure through a touch screen monitor

• an easy to use device thanks to the mobile unit and its robotic arm




Not yet approved for sale in the US

Echopulse and its accessories are IIB- class medical devices conceived and marketed by Theraclion indicated in breast fibroadenomas and benign thyroid nodules ultrasound treatment.

These medical devices are regulated health products that have, under this regulation, the CE mark. (CE 0120)

Before any intervention, consult your physician.

Carefully read the user manual before use.



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