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Echotherapy : Non-invasive and scarless treatment for breast fibroadenomas


Remarkable progress for the treatment of fibroadenomas


So far, after the diagnosis of breast fibroadenoma, only two options were available for the patients and the doctors : the surgical procedure or medical surveillance with a strict control of the fibroadenoma.


We have good news !                                                                                                                              Now there is a safe and scarless solution for this pathology, using ultrasound: Echotherapy. Several Echotherapy centers are opened in Europe to offer this alternative:


Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics - Marienhospital Bottrop

+ 49 (0)20 41 1 06 – 16 01

Consult also Marienhospital Bottrop Echotherapiecenter Website

Contact : Dr. med. Hans-Christian Kolberg

Secretariat :

Claudia Madej : claudia.obacz@mhb-bottrop.de
Andrea Boeger : andrea.boeger@mhb-bottrop.de


Groupe Hospitalier Diaconesses Croix Saint Simon

Mammary Pathology Unit

18 Rue du Sergent Bauchat – 75012 Paris – France
Standard : +33 1 44 74 28 90
from monday to friday 8:30 am to 5:00pm
Umberto I Policlinico Hospital, La Sapienza Rome University
Contact :
Dott.ssa Federica Pediconi : federica.pediconi@uniroma1.it
 +39 06 4455602

You have questions regarding the treatment, its duration, its efficacy, its cost or you would simply like to have another type of information?              You can contact by phone or email our centers which will be very  pleased to answer all your questions and discuss with you the options regarding a possible echotherapy procedure.

Stay informed about the opening of future Echotherapy centers nearest to you, by clicking here

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The Echotherapy associates high-intensity-focused-ultrasound (HIFU) for highly accurate treatment and ultrasound imaging for real-time visualization.


Treatment procedure with ultrasound is simple. Find out in the video presented below:



The Echotherapy offers many advantages:

• It is a non-surgical non-invasive and radiation-free procedure.

• It does not require the use of a needle and does not involve a break in the skin.

• No general anesthesia is required, and the HIFU procedure is performed under a local anesthesia.

• It is an out-patient procedure, with the patient coming in the morning and being discharged in the afternoon.

• The treatment is carried out in a single session.

• Echotherapy is well tolerated and efficacy was proved.





Further questions? We would be happy to answer your questions :

Please contact us by mail, contact@theraclion.com or by phone +33 (0)1 55 48 90 70.


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+As a reflection of this success, several press releases quote the potential for Echotherapy:


Santé Magazine: Breast fibroadenoma, an alternative to surgery. Focus on a promising technology. (April 2013) –

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Néo-Planète: Ultrasound to reduce mammary fibromas. (February 2013) –

Read the article (in French)


Europe 1 : The ultrasonic scalpel on Europe 1, column « La Bonne Nouvelle ».  (February 2013) –

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