Theraclion worldwide

Theraclion relies on a widespread international presence to access various markets and to precisely and quickly answer regional needs. Thanks to representative offices in Europe and in Asia combined with a distribution network worldwide, Theraclion’s Echopulse is available in more than 20 countries.




Theraclion Headquarters are located in Paris area in France . The company has representative offices in the United-Kingdom, led by Mike Leach, Theraclion VP UK, Northern Europe and MEA, and in Germany, led by Jose Abellan-Martinez, Theraclion VP Central Europe, Iberia, Italy and Eastern Europe. They can rely on a solid distribution network with sales force in Finland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, as well as in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Russia. Jérôme Pavier is in charge of the French-speaking countries as France, Belgium, and Maghreb countries.


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Asia and Middle-East


Theraclion is widely present in Asia with a representative office in Hong-Kong led by Dennis Guo, Theraclion Director of Business Development Asia, distributing agencies in Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, and has created Theraclion China, a Join-Venture with Inner Mongolia Furui Medical Science Co. Ltd. Theraclion has also distribution partners in Iran, India, Egypt and Saudi.


For any request, depending on the country of interest, please contact:


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