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Theraclion specialises in high-tech medical equipment using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). We offer an innovative echotherapy solution that combines HIFU therapy with ultrasound as a system for locating target areas for the non-invasive treatment of benign tumours. 


Our companyTheraclion is a French company, formed in 2004 as a spin-off from Edap-Technomed, and is a pioneer in the therapeutic use of ultrasound. Theraclion develops, manufactures and markets the Echopulse® medical device for the non-invasive, outpatient treatment of breast fibroadenomas and benign thyroid nodules. Theraclion has obtained ISO 13485 certification and CE marking for two pathologies.


Theraclion is Based in Malakoff, near Paris. 53% of its 30 staff are dedicated to R&D and clinical trials.


Theraclion is currently the only company in the world offering a completely non-invasive treatment for breast fibroadenomas and benign thyroid nodules. This solution is a genuine alternative to surgery and to minimally-invasive techniques.


Theraclion has been focusing on research and development for the past 10 years, and is now extending its activities by investing in various scientific and medical programmes. To achieve this, Theraclion has secured the support of a long-term investor and majority shareholder, Truffle Capital. As a mark of Theraclion’s success, Bpifrance (formerly OSEO) has granted financial support to Theraclion for its involvement in several different projects such as the TUCE strategic industrial innovation project on elastography-guided ultrasound therapy. Theraclion also won the Frost & Sullivan Award for innovation in 2009.



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