Press Release – 06.04.2017

THERACLION reports positive long-term Echopulse® results in breast fibroadenoma


Mean volume reduction at 24 months:

– 77% (small volumes fibroadenoma: treatment in single session)

– 90% (larger volumes: treatment in 2 sessions)

Volume reduction is maintained at 24 months following treatment with no evidence of recurrence

Treatment is safe and well-tolerated by patients


THERACLION today announced results of a study evaluating the long-term assessment of breast fibroadenoma (benign tumor) volume reduction following treatment with the company’s Echopulse®, a non-invasive treatment employing ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound. The study, entitled “Long-term efficacy of ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (US-guided HIFU) treatment of breast fibroadenoma,” was published online in the March 2017 issue of the Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound and is available online:


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