The most recent addition to the Theraclion portfolio is the SONOVEIN® device.
SONOVEIN is based on unique echotherapy technology which combines focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU) with ultrasound monitoring. 

SONOVEIN echotherapy key visual

This dual functionality provides an accurate, tailored and non-invasive outpatient treatment for varicose veins.

The main components for the SONOVEIN are: 

Viewing and treatment unit (VTU)
● Integrated ultrasound scanner
● Scanning arms and motors
● Skin contact and cooling system
● Patient movement detector
Touch-screen user interface

echotherapy on vein
SONOVEIN how it works

● The high-intensity ultrasound beam is focussed on the vein like through a magnifying glass.

● As the thermal energy is delivered, the vein shrinks and is sealed closed, similar to other endothermal methods – but non-invasively.

● The treatment along the vein is steered automatically via a touch screen monitor.

● An in-beam linear ultrasound probe allows visualization of the vein in real-time and insures optimal accuracy.

Click here to see the echotherapy animation for varicose veins.

SONOVEIN® and its accessories are class IIB medical devices designed and marketed by Theraclion for the treatment of breast fibroadenomas and benign thyroid nodules.
They are regulated health products which bear the CE marking as required by law. Please read the user guide carefully.