Echotherapy enables the non-invasive treatment of breast fibroadenomas, benign thyroid nodules and varicose veins.

Breast fibroadenoma

Most of the breast lesions are benign. Breast fibroadenoma is the most common, and is also called adenofibroma or breast fibroid. Although common at all ages, it mainly develops in women between 15 and 35. Breast fibroadenomas can move around freely; their aspect is firm solid and smooth and limits are well defined and can be easily identified.


Thyroid nodules

Thyroid nodules are masses which generally appear in a normal thyroid gland and usually measure less than 1cm. These abnormal tissue growths in the thyroid are often located on the edge of the thyroid gland, with the patient feeling like a mass in the throat. When they become large enough, or if the patient is thin, a mass can sometimes appear in the neck.


Varicose veins

A varicose vein is an abnormal dilatation of a vein. Venous reflux disorders are a widespread disease and there often is a family history. Connective tissue weakness favors venous diseases. As a result, women are also twice more likely to be affected than men . During pregnancy, the risk increases because of hormone changes and elevated pressure in the abdomen. Lack of exercise, obesity and occupations with standing position activities are risk factors, but also heavy lifting and certain sports can contribute to a vein disease. Another cause is age: Like the skin, veins become flaccid over time and expand. 30% of the population is concerned.