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Echotherapy Experts for Thyroid
MTE_Giovanella     MTE_Hakman MTELang
MTESeebergerVorlander MTE



Echotherapy Experts for Breast

MTE_KolbergBrenin MTE













Echotherapy Expert in the Oncology Field

brenin rond


HIFU–Immunotherapy Clinical Trial

(September 7th, 2017 Conference Call Presentation)

Webcast Replay – September 7th, 2017


Echotherapy Expert in the Phlebology Field



Echotherapy in the treatement of varicose veins clinical trial

(November 13th, 2017 Conference Call Presentation)

Webcast Replay – November 13th, 2017




about breast fibroadenoma



doctor testimonialDr Didier Bourgeois


Surgeon at the Breast Institute Henri Hartmann


« As a breast surgeon and oncologist, not only we take into account safety, in cancer in particular, but also esthetic results. We have always been looking for less invasive surgeries»



doctor testimonialPr Roussanka Kovatcheva


Professor of endocrinology, University Hospital of Endocrinology of Sofia


« In my opinion, it is a very good method. Patients are interested because it allows them to avoid a surgical intervention for this benign pathology. »




doctor testimonialPr Thierry de Baere


Interventional radiologist at Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif – France


« Theraclion’s technology seems to allow in the future, the treatment of small superficial tumors in a completely non-invasive way. Besides, this technology is totally non-radiative, avoiding potential side effects related to X-rays. »




about neck pathologies


doctor testimonialRalph P. Tufano, MD, FACS


« With Theraclion’s approach, there is a distinct possibility of changing the way we treat thyroid disease. I believe surgery could potentially be avoided.»









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